Corbeau 3" Competition Belts

Step 1: Choose Your Harness Belt From These Available Colors & Styles:
3-Inch Black 5-Point Camlock Harness Belt 53001B (+$50)
3-Inch Red 5-Point Camlock Harness Belt 53007B (+$50)
3-Inch Silver 5-Point Camlock Harness Belt 53009B (+$50)
3-Inch Black 5-Point Latch and Link 53001BLL
3-Inch Red 5-Point Latch and Link 53007BLL
3-Inch Silver 5-Point Latch and Link 53009BLL
Step 2: Choose Your Harness Pads From These Available Colors:
Pair of Black Cloth 50501 (+$18)
Pair of Yellow Cloth 50503 (+$18)
Pair of Blue Cloth 50505 (+$18)
Pair of Red Cloth 50507 (+$18)


Years of research and design have resulted in the development of the all-new Corbeau 3-inch Competition Harness Systems. Corbeau Competition Racing Seat Belts have been tested to meet and exceed all SFI 16.1 standards. Corbeau 5-Point Harness Systems feature state of the art Cam-Lock quick-release technology, Military Grade Nylon Webbing, Extra Strength Computerized Stitching, Lightweight Length Adjusters, Bolt-In & Wrap Around Mounting Hardware, Optional 3-Inch Harness Pads and the latest in style and design.

Make sure to choose Cam-lock (Left image) or Latch and link (Right image):

Cam Lock System   Latch and Link System

Click here to read about limit of liability on Corbeau Seat Belts.

  • Shoulder harnesses are 77" in length
  • 3-Inch Webbing: Military grade nylon webbing with extra strength computerized stitching.

  • Camlock System: Chrome Camlock quick release technology allows for easy disengagement with just the turn of the dial.

  • Latch & Link System: Latch and Link Quick release technology allows for easy disengagement with just the lift of the latch.

  • Bolt-In: The ends of the straps are equipped with bolt-in hardware, which allows you to bolt the straps to your mounting points.

  • Wrap Around: The wrap around option allows you to wrap the two rear straps around a harness bar or roll cage. You just remove the bolt-in hardware to utilize the wrap around option.

  • SFI Approved: This belt has been tested to meet and exceed all SFI 16.1 safety standards.

  • Length Adjusters: Lightweight pull down length adjusters.

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