Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat

Available Colors

Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat Black 962NR
Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat Black/Blue 962NRAZ
Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat Black/Grey Stitching 962NRGR
Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat Black/Red 962NRRS
Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat Grey/Black 962XGRNR
Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat Navy/Grey 962XBMGR
Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat Red/Grey 962XRSGR


**The R505 Torino has been discontinued, and replaced by the improved R600, which can be found here: R600 Racing Seat.

One of the most advanced adjustable sport seats ever manufactured by Sparco. Anatomic, extremely comfortable and in a refined and modern design. Back rest can be reclined to the millimeter, but features the exclusive QTS Technology (quick tilt system) technology for rapid return to the upright position. The Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat also features a revolutionary contoured injection molded memory foam. Touring car inspired g-force absorbing side bolsters. Perforated abrasion resistant inserts, and a micro-fine recline mechanism.

Fabric: Jacquard

Sparco R505 Torino Racing Seat Features:

Micro Adjust : The micro-fine recline mechanism can be adjusted to the millimeter to guarantee the perfect seating positing. Extensive research and development has been performed by Sparco Master Certified Safety Engineers to insure that the strength and integrity of the Micro Adjust Mechanism exceeds our strict homologation standards.

Memory Foam : As body heat transfers into the high-density injection molded memory foam, the seat contours to your body. The perforated leather on the center portion of the seats helps to assist this transfer. The perforated leather also helps to promote air circulation throughout the seat to aid the cooling of the leather on warmer days.

Lateral Support : High performance lateral side bolsters keep the drive in the optimum seat position at all times. This is especially vital when cornering at high speeds. The side bolsters keep your body in an upright driving position helping to fight driver fatigue during high performance driving.

Quick Tilt System : The revolutionary and exclusive QTS (Quick Tilt System) technology allows the backrest to be returned to the upright position or tilted forward for access to the rear seats in a two door vehicle

Abrasion Resistance : Perforated abrasion resistant inserts are strategically placed to protect the seat against excessive wearing in at risk sections.

Detailed Specifications

Construction: Steel
FIA Homologated? No
Driver Size: M
HANS-Ready? No
Bottom-Mount? Yes
Side-Mount? No
A* 19.3
X* 10.6
B* 22.1
C* 22.3
D* 19.2
Z* 13.1
E* 24
F* 35.4
G* na
Weight (lbs) 34.6

*Dimensions in Inches--Use with line drawing above.

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