Sparco R100

Available Colors:

Sparco R100 Racing Seat Black/Black 961NRNR
Sparco R100 Racing Seat Black/Red 961NRRS
Sparco R100 Racing Seat Black/Blue 961NRAZ
Sparco R100 Racing Seat Black/Grey 961NRGR
Sparco R100 Racing Seat Black Vinyl 961NRSKY


Looking for the very newest seat from Sparco? You're looking at it! The Sparco R100 Racing Seat is a revision of the wildly popular Sparco Steel Seat. Featuring redesigned bolsters for greater support, new padding configurations for improved comfort, and a new array of accent colors as well as modern styling, the R100 continues SPARCO's tradition of producing revolutionary tuning seats.

Detailed Specifications

Construction: Steel
FIA Homologated? No
Driver Size: M+L
HANS-Ready? No
Bottom-Mount? Yes
Side-Mount? No
A* 19.7
X* 13.0
B* 19.9
C* 27.7
D* 19.6
Z* 14.5
E* 21.0
F* 36.7
G* na
Weight (lbs) 26.9

*Dimensions in Inches--Use with line drawing above.

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"Sparco Seats are undeniably the most reliable, technically advanced and experienced racing car seats in the world."
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