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     Installing a Corbeau Racing Seat? You're in luck--for a number of reasons! First, Corbeau offers brackets for nearly every car made! No other seat or bracket manufacturer offers as comprehensive coverage of the vehicle market as Corbeau. Second, it is very rare that Corbeau brackets are not immediately available. They keep great stock levels. Third, Corbeau brackets include the slider mechanism, and are still the most economically priced direct-fit bracket on the market.

     Sparco seat owners, you too have a comprehensive range of direct-fit seat brackets available to you from Sparco. Sparco's bracket list includes brackets from multiple manufacturers, so often there is more than one bracket available for a given application. This helps to ensure that your bracket will be able to ship quickly. Like the Corbeau brackets, the Sparco brackets we offer here have built-in mounting points for the original seat belt hardware, simplifying installation.

     Planted Technology is the new kid on the seat bracket block, but they are using their youthfulness to revolutionize the industry. Planted direct-fit seat brackets are pre-drilled to fit not just one but almost any aftermarket seat slider bolt pattern. This means that if you inherited that Bride, Cobra, Momo, OMP, Racetech, Recaro or Status racing seat and want a clean, easy install, Planted is the way to go. Or, if you need an FIA-approved sidemount bracket, choose Planted.

     Choose from any of the outstanding bracket manufacturers above based on the seat brand you have. Note, however, that when you order a pair of Corbeau or Sparco seats, every other product of the same brand in the same order ships for free, so there will be a nominal charge to ship Planted Technology brackets.

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