Sparco Seat Brackets

1. Select Your Base: Select Your Sparco Bracket Options:
Seat Slider Mechanism [Allows seat to slide forward/backward]** PN 00493 (+$80)
Sparco Bracket Hardware Kit Including Mounting Bolts PN 50001 (+$7)


Sparco custom seat brackets kits provide you with everything that you need to install your Sparco seat into your car. Since a strong fit is so critical to safety, it is imperative that you ensure your new Sparco racing seat is mounted as well as possible. Sparco Seat Mounts avoid frustration and potential danger from hand-building seat brackets by ordering the exact Sparco brackets to mount your Sparco racing seat into your specific car. (Both the picture at left and the one below show sample Sparco seat bracket with optional slider.)

Sparco Brackets allow a perfect fit of your Sparco Seat into your car. They may work on other brands of seats as well--or not! If you purchase Sparco Brackets only they are a "special order / non-returnable" item. This means if you purchase Sparco Racing Seat brackets and not seats, even if they do not fit you can not return them! We have heard these brackets fit on Bomz Seats. Buy at your own risk when buying for anything but Sparco seats.

Note that some Sparco seats are side-mount only. These brackets are designed to work with bottom-mount seats. The table on each seat page says whether the seat is bottom mount, side mount, or both.

Shopping Tips:
  1. In the first pull-down, select your base. Please make sure you order the correct bracket. Each bracket is labeled as Driver or Passenger!

  2. Choose your bracket options **Note that while it is possible to mount a Sparco Seat to a Sparco Seat Bracket without sliders, some drilling may be necessary. In general, sliders are always recommended.

  3. Hardware bolt kits are available, select this option if you'd like one delivered with your adapter and slider mechanism. Avoid trips to the hardware store and ensure that you get the proper grade of hardware by ordering this inexpensive kit!

  4. Finally, click "Add To Cart". Don't forget to repeat the process for the second seat, if required.

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"Sparco Seats are undeniably the most reliable, technically advanced and experienced racing car seats in the world."
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