Corbeau Universal Seat Brackets

Select a Bracket Double-Locking Sliders?


These Corbeau universal brackets are a great choice when no custom seat bracket is availble for your specific application. If you have not done so already, please browse our selection of Vehicle-Specific Brackets for Corbeau Seats.

Available in three different height selections (view at left), these universal seat brackets come complete with sliders. They work great anytime when you need to bolt a Corbeau seat onto a flat floor pan.

The C22059 will mount a Corbeau Racing Seat almost completely flat against the floor pan, leaving only a small amount of space for the slider. The C22003 lifts the bottom of the Corbeau Racing Seat by approximately 2-3 inches from the floor pan. The C22005 is adjustable. It can lift the Corbeau Racing Seat between 4" and 7" inches off of the floor pan. The C22005 can sometimes be used to adapt to an uneven floor pan due to its adjustable nature.

Note that by "universal", we mean that these are intended to fit into a broad range of applications. They are not made to fit racing seats other than those made by Corbeau. These brackets will bolt to a Corbeau racing seat with no drilling. Other seats may or may not fit this bracket. The seat mount dimensions are 13" from front to rear, and 11 3/8" from side to side. If your seat does not have this bolt pattern in the base then it will not fit without drilling, and may not fit at all. When these brackets are purchased for applications other than Corbeau seats they are considered special order and are not eligible for return.

Front STS- 16"
Back STS- 16"
Left FTB- 11 3/4" other holes 12 7/8"
Right FTB- 11 3/4" other holes 13 5/8"

Front STS- 9 1/2"
Back STS- 6 3/4"
Left FTB- 14 1/2"
Right FTB- 14 1/2"

Side to Side various
Front to Back 13

C22059 pictured with optional double locking slider.

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