Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat

Step 1: Choose Your FX1 From These Available Materials:

Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat Black Cloth w/Black Inserts 29501
Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat WIDE Black Cloth w/Black Inserts 29501W (+$40)
Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat Black Cloth w/Red Inserts 29507
Step 2: Choose Your FX1 Accessories:
Include Aluminum Side Mount Bracket G22099 (+$129)


The new FX1 is the latest offering in affordable racing seats. The FX1 is a masterpiece in fiberglass composite shell design. Standard features include: fiberglass shell with a black gel coat, removable cushion inserts, full body support, 5-point harness capability and leatherette high wear patches. The FX1 will fit up to a 36-38" waist. The wide version is 1" wider and will fit up to a 44" waist.

The FX1 is a true racing seat. In addition to bottom-mount holes (for mounting in a street car using Corbeau Custom Seat Bracket), this seat also features holes for a side-mount bracket. The rear of the composite shell also has mounting holes for attaching to a roll cage as is required in SCCA and other forms of competition.

The FX1 features a slot for the submarine belt in the bottom-front of the seat. Here are some Tips for Installing Racing Seats with Sidemount Brackets (and a very nice picture of our race car!)

Consider the narrower FX1 Pro if you are putting these in an especially tight driver compartment

We always recommend checking your vehicle's available space when purchasing a Corbeau seat. If you are considering the FX1 Wide, it is imperative that you measure your vehicle first. This is a big seat. The shoulder width is 24.5 inches and the base width is 24.5 inches.

The Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat with blue insert is available by special order, 10-12 week availability. All others immediately available under normal circumstances.

Corbeau FX1

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