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Corbeau Baja SS

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Black Vinyl 65401

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Black Vinyl 65401

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Black Vinyl w/Black Cloth Center 65402B

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Black Vinyl w/Blue Cloth Center 65405

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Black Vinyl w/Red Cloth Center 65407

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Grey Vinyl 65409

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Grey Vinyl w/Grey Cloth Center 65408

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Tan Vinyl 65406 *

Corbeau Baja SS Racing Seat Tan Vinyl w/Tan Cloth Center 65406B *

Step 2: Choose Your Baja SS Seat Options
Inflatable Lumbar Installed (+$78)
Seat Heater Installed (cannot be combined with Lumbar) (+$148)
Step 3: Choose Your Baja SS Seat Adapter
Not Necessary (Not ordering custom bracket)
Required for Custom Bracket Install A22002F (+$39)
Custom 1976-1995 CJ/YJ Baja SS Adapter A22004F (+$39)
Custom 1997-2002 TJ Baja SS Adapter C22006L/F (+$105)

for 1, including selected options


The heavily padded Corbeau Baja SS suspension seat provides off-road drivers with the ultimate in comfort and support. The revolutionary design helps make Corbeau Baja SS seats the perfect off-road seat. Standard features include: powder-coated steel frame, reinforced nylon inner liner laced with military-grade suspension cords, integrated full body support and 5-point harness capability. The Baja SS is designed to fit up to a 34-36" waist. Larger drivers may want to consider the Baja Ultra SS.

Currently, the Corbeau Baja SS seat is our #1 selling Corbeau model, making up 21% of all Corbeau seat sales. 36" and 42" matching rear seats are available.

Optionally, consider the Baja RS seat. This seat features the same suspension technology in a reclining seat. Plus, the RS model can bolt directly to the original Jeep CJ/YJ bracket without any bracket or adapter. Or, for a nearly identical seat but with a lower profile, check out the Baja Low Back.

Baja Custom Bracket Adapters are required on all Corbeau Baja SS seats installed into vehicles using a Corbeau custom bracket. (Corbeau custom brackets available separately.)

For CJ/YJ owners, stock bracket adapters are available for retaining the stock slider and tilt-forward functions with no other bracket or adapter required.

TJ owners can add a custom bracket to bolt the Corbeau Baja seat directly into the TJ without utilizing a Baja Custom Bracket Adapter or the stock bracket.

Available Colors: Black vinyl, black vinyl with black, red, yellow, or blue cloth insert, grey vinyl, and grey vinyl with matching cloth insert. Yellow and tan are available only as special order, 6-8 week availability.

Interested in this seat but need a standard flat base instead of the mounting tabs? Check out the Corbeau JP Seat!

Note! The Corbeau Baja Seats may not be the best choice for standard-cab pickups. The layback angle of the seat and the proximity of the headrest to the rear window of the cab generally requires that the seat be mounted too closely to the steering wheel to suit tall drivers.

All Corbeau fixed-back seats feature a slot for the submarine belt in the bottom-front of the seat.

*Baja SS Tan seats are produced in limited quantities. We will notify you if there will be any delays in shipping.

Corbeau Baja SS
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