Corbeau Moab

Corbeau Moab
Corbeau Moab
Step 2: Choose Your Corbeau Moab Seat Options:
Inflatable Lumbar Installed 21004-I (+$49)
Seat Heater Installed (cannot be combined with Lumbar) 12501 IN-SH (+$148)
Harness Sub-slot Installed [Customized Seats Cannot Be Returned] (+$39)

Product Description

Need new seats for your Jeep CJ, Jeep YJ, or other offroad vehicle but want to stay true to the original styling? Your search is over! While it is an excellent choice for many different vehicles the Corbeau Moab Seat was designed specifically with Jeep CJ and Jeep YJ owners in mind. Ultra-comfortable, Corbeau Moab Seats provide Jeep owners with a seat that not only has a design intended to look great in the Jeep but also be a slam-dunk to install. Besides having mounting points that allow the Moab to be fitted into any vehicle for which Corbeau makes a seat, it also has mounting points that will allow this seat to be installed into any Jeep CJ or Jeep YJ without any additional bracket or adapter required. How easy is that?

The mounting points aren't the only part of this seat that is optimized for Jeep owners. Corbeau Moab Seats are unique among the entire Corbeau line in that they are the only ones offered in a Jeep-matching tan and spice color. Once you've got this great-looking seat installed in your vehicle you're all set. It comes with a handy mesh cargo pocket in the seatback to hold your critical gear and is built to support 3-, 4-, or 5-point harnesses without modification.

Available Colors: Black, Tan, Spice, Charcoal (Vinyl, Vinyl/Cloth Combo) Black, Spice (Neoprene)

Colors Shown: Tan Vinyl (large image), Charcoal Vinyl Cloth, Spice Neoprene and Black Neoprene

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Corbeau Moab
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