Corbeau Custom Seat Brackets
(Vehicle Specific Bolt-In)

Select your vehicle (See comments in Description tab, below) Select Driver or Passenger or Both Driver & Passenger:
Driver Side Bracket Only
Passenger Side Bracket Only
Both Driver & Passenger Side Brackets (+$105)
Double-Locking Sliders?
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Yes! Upgrade My Driver Bracket Only! (+$20)
Yes! Upgrade My Passenger Bracket Only! (+$20)
Yes! Upgrade Both My Driver & Passenger Brackets! (+$40)


Corbeau Brackets allow a perfect fit of your Corbeau Seat into your car. They may work on other brands of seats as well--or not! If you purchase brackets for other seats they are a "special order / non-returnable" item. This means if you purchase Corbeau Racing Seat brackets and not seats, even if they do not fit you can not return them! (Image shown is one of over 600 brackets available. The Corbeau seat bracket for your car may vary slightly in design.)

DOUBLE LOCKING SLIDERS ARE BACK! Double locking sliders are available for Corbeau Seat Rails. While not every driver requires this feature on their Corbeau mounting brackets, double locking Corbeau seat sliders are suggested for vehicles that are aggressively driven in sanctioned competition.

Look for these comments in the "Select Custom Bracket" pulldown above.

  • (Adapter) - Adapts the Corbeau seat to fit the stock bracket
  • (Complete) - Not an Adapter--Complete Bracket
  • (Electric) - Original Seats had Electronic Adjustment. This is a bracket or non-slider adapter that allows you to retain this feature.

  • (60/40) - OE Seats were 60/40 Split Bench/Bucket
  • (Bench) - OE Seats were Bench Seats
  • *Bench* - This bracket is made to mount two seats. Only order one per vehicle.
  • (Bucket) - OE Seats were Bucket Seats

  • (Drill) - Installation Requires Drilling
  • *Driver Only* - No passenger-side bracket exists for this application.
  • (Floor Mnt) - Replaces entire pedestal-style OE Bracket and/or Base
  • (Measure) - Several versions were available. Provide us with the Front-Rear and Side-Side measurements of the bolt holes so we can ensure you get the right one!
  • (Narrow Seat) - Existance of this bracket does not guarantee all seats will fit. This is a very tight space--carefully measure before ordering!)
  • (No Slider) - Bracket re-uses the factory slider
  • (Ped Mnt) - Reuses (Mounts to) pedestal-style OE Base

  • Click here to see all the Corbeau racing seats

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