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Offroad Seats from Corbeau

     Corbeau Seats has positioned itself as the dominant US manufacturer of quality racing, street, and offroad seats. There are several factors in their dominance. First is quality. No other seat approaches the value of Corbeau Seats based on their quality of build. When you buy a Corbeau Seat, you can be assured that you are receiving the very best quality you can buy for the money.

     Another reason for Corbeau's success is innovation. Corbeau is constantly refreshing their product line with new designs and features. Corbeau's newest designs add the Baja JP, Baja XP and Moab seats to the already popular Baja SS, FX1 Pro, and Forza seats. Ever innovative, Corbeau has introduced bench seats and seats for the Yamaha Rhino vehicle.

     Dedication is another key to Corbeau Seats' success. Exhibit one is Corbeau's committment to seat bracket availability. With Corbeau seat brackets for nearly 800 different make/model combinations, you can be assured you're probably covered. From the 1960 Alfa Romeo Gulie to the 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit, you will find a bracket to make installation a breeze!

     Racing-Seats- USA.Com has tried to make your Corbeau Seats shopping experience as effortless as possible. We've even developed a Corbeau Seats Buyers Guide to teach you the key points to remember when buying a Corbeau Seat. And, as always, if you need assistance, call the number at the top of every page on this website. We're all too happy to help our Corbeau seat customers get exactly the products they need. Looking for Corbeau Seats online? Your search ends here!

  • Corbeau Seats: Fixed-Back and Bench Style - The Corbeau Seats in this category are all either fixed-back or bench style seats. Fixed-back means they do not have the ability to recline like the seats in the Corbeau Seats: Reclining section. Corbeau Fixed-back seats are typically a bit less expensive than Corbeau reclining seats, plus they generally withstand more abuse than reclining seats. For this reason, they are often a better choice for offroad vehicles, race cars, cars with open cockpits, or any application that might be exposed to the elements. Some race sactioning bodies require fixed-back seats. Fixed-back seats are also a great match in vintage cars that were not originally available with reclining seats.

    Corbeau Bench Style seats are a natural fit for Jeeps and other offroad vehicles. They are generally used in back-seat applications, and are an attractive option not only because they are typically very easy to install on a flat floorboard area, but also because they are the least expensive seating option per occupant, costing less than twice the cost of the least expensive fixed back seats.

  • Corbeau Seats: Reclining - Corbeau Reclining Seats are the popular choice for modern, street-driven cars, trucks, and SUVs. They are available in a broad range of styles, colors, and materials--even leather! Be sure to select a reclining seat that will fit in your vehicle. Dimensions are provided for each seat on the Racing-Seats-USA.Com website, and available room should be checked before ordering to ensure proper fit.

  • Corbeau Harnesses, Pads, and Harness Bars - Corbeau Harnesses, Harness Belts, and Seat Belts allow you to complete your seat installation in a professional manner. Corbeau offers everything from a simple lap-style seat belt (available for those applications where a lap belt is a safe appropriate option) to a replacement for your standard 3-Point seatbelt to 2-inch and 3-inch harness belts. The Corbeau 3- and 4-point, 2-inch harness belts are a great choice for street cars where an appropriate mounting mechanism exists for the shoulder belts. The 3-inch competition belts are SFI approved and accepted by most race sanctioning bodies that require an SFI-approved harness. While you're at it, pick up a set of harness pads to add both comfort and style. And, if you own a Ford Mustang, be sure to check out the Corbeau Harness Bars that make installaing a harness belt in your Mustang a fast, easy, and safe operation!

  • Corbeau Seat Brackets and Bases - When it comes to brackets and seat bases, nobody has you covered like Corbeau. No other seat manufacturer in the industry has made the same commitment to providing seat brackets as Corbeau. All of Corbeau's custom seat brackets are a direct fit, re-using the original hardware and bolt holes. (A few exceptions apply, and are noted in the listing.) In the event that you do not find a Corbeau seat bracket for your car, they also offer universal slider brackets that can put you a long way toward creating a safe and strong bracket solution for your vehicle. Corbeau offers aluminum sidemount brackets for their FX1 and FX1 Pro seats with side mount capabilities, as these are sometimes required by race sanctioning bodies. And if putting a Corbeau Seat in your car or truck isn't enough, Corbeau also offers gaming bases and office chair bases so you can enjoy Corbeau comfort in your den or at the office!

  • Corbeau Seat Covers, Etc. - Keep your Corbeau seat clean or renew those old covers with a Corbeau Seat Saver or replacement seat cover! Or show the world that you own Corbeau by putting a Corbeau spare tire cover on your spare tire. And don't forget about the Corbeau Roll Bar Grab Handles, which make climbing up into that lifted Jeep safer and easier.

  • Corbeau Seats for Jeeps - Nobody know Jeep seats like Corbeau! No matter what Jeep you have, Corbeau Seats has a solution for you. Most of the Corbeau Jeep Seats feature OEM mounting points so that no bracket is required--simply unbolt the old, sagging seat and bolt in the new Corbeau Jeep Seat. Corbeau Seats are available for the front and back as well.

  • Suspension Seats from Corbeau - Some folks hear the phrase "suspension seat" and think that suspension refers to the type of vehicle in which these are used. Well, yes...and no. While these are a great solution for vehicles that have a suspension made to take a pounding, these Corbeau Seats are specifically made so the driver doesn't have to take a pounding. Military-grade elastic suspension bangs (think bungie cords) suspend the driver comfortably in the seat, and insulate him or her from whatever the seat base is getting hit with. A great Corbeau Seat!

  • Corbeau Seats for Offroad - If you've read to this point and see that Corbeau Seats are available for Jeeps and are available in suspension style, it will come as no surprise that Corbeau offers some seats perfect for offroad vehicles. Check out what is available for your offroad vehicle.

  • Corbeau Seats for Yamaha Rhino - Like everyone else, Corbeau Seats has long recognized the growing passion for sporty utility vehicles. These weekend wonders are being customized to new levels and taken to extremes never thought possible. That's why Corbeau has a whole range of seats for the Yamaha Rhino. Replacement seat covers for those seats that are still in decent shape, or the Corbeau RXP seat for those who need a full upgrade. What's more the Corbeau Baja Bench is a perfect fit for the rear of the Rhino, allowing you to double your passengers--and double your fun.

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