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     Sparco Seats are the standard by which racing seats are judged. Sparco utilizes technologies and processes that most other seat manufacturers haven't even considered. Sparco seat covers are crafted from Leather, Alcantera, Jacquard, and Micro Fiber. The frames are CAD designed and built using tubular steel, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Dual density foam ensures driver comfort and support under all driving conditions. Choose from Sparco Seats for street or competition.

     Sparco Seats for Street are built with comfort and performance in mind. Whether your interest is in a reclining seat like the Sparco R100 or a fixed-back seat like the Sparco Fighter, you don't have to compromise comfort to get the aggressive look you seek. And since Sparco offers Sparco seat brackets for over 500 different make/model combinations, you will usually be able to find the bracket to install your Sparco seat into your car with ease.

     Sparco Seats for Competition are the purest form of racing seats available. Sparco's legacy in racing seats dates back to 1977, and spans nearly every form of automotive racing. Without exception, the world's most famous drivers have won races and championships in Sparco seats. No other racing seat combines technology and comfort to produce a proven winner like Sparco. From the entry-level Sparco Sprint 5 through the ultimate in professional racing seat Circuit Pro, Sparco has your seat.

     It is our goal at Racing-Seats-USA.Com to make your shopping experience for Sparco Seats as easy, educational, and enjoyable as possible. Still, we realize that unique projects bring unique questions that we did not forsee when developing this website. So please call us at the phone number at the top of every page in this website if you have any questions. We love serving our customers by phone!

  • Sparco Seats: Street - Sparco Seats breaks their offerings down into two categories: Tuner and Competition. Sparco Tuner Seats are the choice for street-driven cars, trucks, and SUV's where cost, comfort, and/or styling take a premium over certification for racing. Seats in this category range from the cost-effective Sparco R100 (a reclining seat intended for the driver who is unwilling to compromise in style) to the incredibly popular Sparco R505 Torino, all the way to the Sparco R700P Milano Prestige (the ultimate Sparco Seat for street applications.) Fixed-back seats are available in the Tuner category as well, including the Sparco Fighter, Sparco Speed 2, and the new Sparco Chrono Road. Whatever your tastes and budget, you'll find the right Sparco seat for your street-driven car in the Sparco Tuner category.

  • Sparco Seats: Competition - Sparco makes great seats for all kinds of cars, but where they really earn their lauded reputation is for the race car seats they build. Sparco Seats for competition are designed with one thing in mind: Victory at the race track. With more than 10 different styles available, you're sure to find a Sparco seat that is the perfect match for your race car.

    Sparco seats has racing seat offerings for every type of race car and every budget. Regardless of the price level, there is one thing you'll find in ever Sparco Racing Seat: uncompromising quality and safety. The Sparco Sprint 5 is our most popular race car seat. Such a lightweight racing seat at such a great price won't be found elsewhere. As you move up in price the Sparco REV, Sparco Pro 2000, Sparco Sprint 5 and Sparco Circuit all offer features required by discriminating race car drivers. The Sparco EVO line comes in 4 different sizes to accomodate drivers of all shapes and sizes. And the Sparco S-Light Seat is considered the finest race car seat in the world at any price.

  • Sparco Seats: Accessories - No racing seat manufacturer offers a wider range of accessories than Sparco. Sparco Seat Cushions are available for the lumbar, kidney, leg, and helmet, and assure you that your time in the race car seat is not only comfortable, but that you have the command of the car that is necessary to win. Want to change the color of your race car seat, or simply replace a worn center insert? Sparco lets you do that too. Are long race car events and high g-loads becoming a pain in the neck (literally?) Then install a Sparco Head Restraint and save your strength for that battle to the finish line.

    When it comes to seat brackets and seat bases, Sparco Seats has you covered there too. Sparco offers custom seat brackets that let you bolt their seats into almost any make or model of car, truck, or SUV. Sparco Seat Sliders are available too. If your race sanctioning body requires a fixed-mount, Sparco Side Mount Brackets are available in steel or aluminum. If no bracket is available for your specific car, the Sparco Universal Bottom Mount Bracket provides you with the essentials required to customize a bracket for your specific application. It's even height adjustable!

  • Sparco Seats: Harnesses - When it comes to harness belts, everyone else is playing catch-up to Sparco. Sparco Harness Belts are available in every conceivable configuration. Choose from 2-inch harnesses (perfect for the street) or 3-Inch harnesses that are SFI-approved and race-ready. Available in 3-point, 4-point, 6-point, and even 8-point. You can select your Sparco Harness with pull-up or pull-down tension adjustment, and with or without HANS device fixtures.

    And Sparco Harnesses are just the start. Nobody else in the industry has made the commitment to providing a complete range of harness bars like Sparco. If you've ever tried to install a Sparco harness belt without either a Sparco Harness Bar or a roll bar, you know there's got to be a better way. Sparco Harness Bars are that better way. Most of them bolt in place using existing hardware and mounting points, so installation is a breeze. At that point, all you do is attach your Sparco Harness Belt and you have an installation that is not only safe but looks incredible.

    While you're getting your Sparco Harness Belts and Sparco Harness Bars, be sure to pick up the other installation bits that make the installation a stylish success. Sparco Harness Pads are available in a number of colors and styles, and bolt-in or snap-in belt hardware, eye bolts, and reinforcement plates will help make the installation a breeze (and prevent multiple trips to the hardware store!)

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"Sparco Seats are undeniably the most reliable, technically advanced and experienced racing car seats in the world."
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