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Racing Seats from Racing Seats USA!

Thanks for visiting Racing Seats USA. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the single-finest racing seats buying experience on the Internet. We accomplish this by offering shoppers the opportunity to shop based on manufacturer or brand, intended racing seat use, or preferred style of construction. We hope you find the navigation straight-forward and a pleasure to use.

One of the first things you will notice is that we donít sell cheap racing seats. We sell only the finest names in the business: Corbeau and Sparco. While we are sure there is some market for a budget racing seat we have made the decision to sell only the best. Anything less than excellent aftermarket car seats will not only be a disappointment, they present a safety hazard to the owner. Consider this: In a severe automobile accident, the seat back can easily see as much stress as the seat belt, and is equally critical to your safety. If that seat back failed, you are left with nothing to restrain your body. The dollars saved would be nothing in comparison to your life and health.

Corbeau Racing Seats

represent one of the best values in the industry. Corbeau USA holds extremely high standards of safety, quality, and durability. Additionally, they offer the broadest range of styles and uses on the market today. Whether you are looking for a FIA-Homologated racing seat for on-track competition, a stylish street seat that will provide comfort and great looks, a suspension seat for offroad use, or even bench-style seats or seats for a UTV or side-by-side vehicle, Corbeau seats cover all of the bases.

Sparco Racing Seats

are known around the world as the pinnacle of style and performance. With a history that dates back to the bucket seats of the 70ís, Sparco continues to be one of the top three most recognized names in race seats. Even the names of these seats are iconic and full of history: EVO, Circuit, Ergo, Sprint, and Rev are just a few names you will see both on these pages as well as in the cockpits of some of todayís greatest drivers. Take a look and see why so many have chosen the Italian styling and racing savvy that is Sparco Seats.

Racing Seat Brackets and Sliders

are essential to the safe and hassle-free installation of your new seats. We offer bases and sliders not only from Corbeau and Sparco but also from Planted Technology. Although a relatively new company, Planted has set a new standard for seat bases, offering some of the best-built brackets available today for a broad range of applications. Regardless of what seat you buy, it is entirely unlikely that we cannot outfit you with a vehicle-specific bracket that will allow you to simply unbolt your old racing seat and bolt your new one into the same mounting points with the original hardware. Thatís just another reason why weíre the best place on the Internet to buy Racing Seats.

So, enough wordsóitís time to start shopping! And as you have questions, please contact us through any method that works for you: phone, chat, or email. We absolutely love to hear from our customers. Itís all a part of who we are at Racing Seats USA.