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Sparco SPX

Sparco SPX Reclining Black Leather Seat 00974ZNRSX

Sparco SPX Reclining Black Leather Seat 00974ZNRSX

Step 2: Choose Driver- or Passenger-Side Seat
Driver Side Seat / Tilt knob on left
Passenger Side Seat / Tilt Knob on right
Pair of Seats / 1 Driver, 1 Passenger (+$3300)

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The Sparco SPX Racing Seat brings the Sparco swagger back! Veteran fans remember when Sparco was second to none in luxury touring car seats, including the famous Sparco Milano leather racing seat. Those seats were epic in their styling and universal in their appeal.

The Milano has been gone for nearly 10 years and there has been no heir apparent that fills the void left by that great seat--until now. The new Sparco SPX is that heir, and much more. The SPX is built by hand at the Sparco factory in Italy. It features a fine Italian leather outer, an Alcantera inner, and a carbon fiber composite shell mounted to a CAD-engineered steel frame. These components combine to produce one of the strongest, lightest, and most beautiful racing seats ever made.

No expense was spared in creating this exquisite racing seat. The SPX uses a carbon fiber shell rather than the traditional steel tube frame. That is what makes this seat the single lightest reclining racing seat available from Sparco. It is also one of the lightest reclining seats on the market at only 28 pounds.

You won't give up comfort when choosing the Sparco SPX. Sparco's micro-touch tilt mechanism that allows you to dial in the precise back angle. The separate quick-release is activated by a leather loop just behind the shoulder of the seat so it is not necessary to lean down to the bottom of the seat. By covering the center of the seat in Alcantera, the seat not only displays the beauty of this synthetic suede material that is used in the SpaceX Dragon Capsule but also features breathability that would not be available in suede.

The SPX seat features a balanced level of bolstering. Bolstering is good in that it holds the driver securely in the seat during aggressive driving. However, it can become bothersome during long periods of driving, particularly for larger drivers. So the SPX has only a small bolster on the bottom of the seat and the bolsters on the sides of the seat are angled so that they are not wearing on the driver. The seat itself is sized so that it is suited for medium to large drivers, accommodating a waist tize of up to 40 to 42 inches.

The Sparco SPX features the same bottom mounting points as other Sparco bottom-mount seats. That means you can find Sparco vehicle-specific seat brackets to install these seats in just about any year, make, or model vehicle. Adding Sparco sliders means that you can position your new SPX seats precisely for your driving needs.

Unlike other Sparco reclining seats, the SPX is side-specific, so be sure to order both a driver and passenger side version if you are installing a pair. Enjoy these additional photographs provided for your viewing pleasure:

More Images of the Sparco SPX

Detailed Specifications

Construction: Carbon fiber shell with steel underpinning
FIA Homologated? No
Driver Size: M & L
HANS-Ready? No
Bottom-Mount? Yes
Side-Mount? No
A* 18.5
X* 11.0
B* 21.0
C* 26.3
D* 18.5
Z* 12.0
E* 24.0
F* 39.0
G* N/A
Weight (lbs) 28.0