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Sparco Evo (I, II, II-US & III)

Sparco Evo Racing Seat 008071FNR

Sparco Evo Racing Seat 008071FNR

Sparco Evo II Racing Seat 008281FNR +$25

Sparco Evo II US Racing Seat 008441FNR +$25

Sparco Evo III Racing Seat 008361FNR +$25

Step 2: Select Sidemount Bracket
No Thanks--Not Using Side Mounts
Sparco Steel Sidemount Bracket 004902 (+$75)
Sparco Aluminum Sidemount Bracket 600W (+$140)
Sparco Aluminum Sidemount HD Bracket 004903W (+$150)
Step 3: Add Sidemount Hardware Kit?
No, thanks
Yes--Mounts seat to sidemount to slider to base (+$10)

for 1, including selected options


Sparco has dramatically simplified what is arguably one its quintessential entry-level racing seat. Gone are multiple colors and shell types, as well as customizable cushions and added HANS compatibility. The EVO is not a single seat but a family of similarly-built seats, each one suited to a specific body type. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Sparco EVO I: Medium Build
  • Sparco EVO II: Medium Build, Tall
  • Sparco EVO II US: Larger Build, Narrower Shoulders
  • Sparco EVO III: Larger Build, Broad Shoulders
  • For more precise dimensions, refer to the chart below.

    The Sparco EVO family has a long and distinguished family line. It started as the Sparco REV, which was an outstanding seat in its own right. That seat was improved based on input from drivers in the DTM and ITC racing series, and is intended to give an especially liberating driving position, providing just enough bolstering to precisely hold the driver in competition without restricting motion or vision. Here is what you can expect in each seat:

    Sparco EVO

    This is the baseline EVO seat. It is suited to a smaller driver (medium by European standards) who is not especially tall. Tall thinner drivers should opt for the EVO II while a heavier driver the EVO II US or EVO III.

    Sparco EVO II

    The EVO II is suited to a slightly bigger driver than the EVO I who is taller and therefore needs the shoulder harness pass-throughs located higher. It does add about a half-inch of width but is still suited to a thinner driver. This seat is a full inch taller than the other EVO seats and is only suited to a quite tall driver.

    Sparco EVO II US

    The EVO II US does not paint a particularly athletic picture of our nation's drivers but I suppose we have earned that. It is even wider in the seat portion than the EVO III yet a little bit narrower at the shoulders.

    Sparco EVO III

    The EVO III is a big seat suited for a big driver. It ads a full 2.5 inches to the dimensions of the EVO I and is suited to drivers over 240 pounds and waist sizes in the 38-42 inch range. NOTE! The EVO II is a big seat. It is essential that you compare your vehicle to the dimensions below to ensure that the EVO III will fit in your application.

    All Sparco EVO seats feature:

    • •Fiberglass Composite Shells
    • •FIA Homologation
    • •HANS-Ready
    • •Side-Mounting Points
    • •Distinctive Embroidered Headrest and Back

    Optional side mount hardware kit (50002) provides fasteners to mount the seat to the sidemount bracket, the sidemount bracket to a slider, the slider to a custom base bracket and inlcudes the following:

    • 4 - 8x1.25 25mm Bolts
    • 8 - 8x1.25 16mm Bolts
    • 8 - 8x1.25 Locking Nuts
    • 8 - Washers

Detailed Specifications - Sparco EVO I, II, II-US, and III

Construction: Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass
FIA Homologated? Yes (CS.831.97) Yes (CS.831.97) Yes (CS.831.97) Yes (CS.831.97)
Driver Size: M M/Tall L L/Tall
HANS-Ready? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bottom-Mount? No No No No
Side-Mount? Yes Yes Yes Yes
A* 18.1 17.3 18.6 20.1
X* 10.6 11.0 11.6 11.8
B* 24.0 23.2 23.6 23.4
C* 23.2 24.4 23.6 23.6
D* 20.5 21.1 21.0 22.4
Z* 12.6 13.0 15.5 13.8
E* 19.7 20.1 19.3 20.1
F* 35.0 36.0 34.8 34.4
G* 4.7 6.3 3.7 4.7
Weight (lbs) 18.0 20.5 18.3 18.7

*Dimensions in Inches--Use with line drawing above.