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We are always adding questions to this FAQ. If your question isn't answered here, please us any of these methods to contact us. We will give you an immediate answer and add your excellent question to our FAQ!

What seat fits my year, make, and model?
None of the seating manufacturers produce anything like an application guide specifying which of their seats fit a particular application. Therefore, it is necessary for the buyer to do some basic measuring to ensure that a particular seat will fit their application. Here on Racing-Seats-USA.com, we have taken added measures to help narrow your search. If you have a car that is particularly narrow (like a Chevrolet Corveette or Mazda Miata) you don't have to dig through the dimensions of every single seat on the website to find one that will fit. You can use our filters that are available on every page to narrow that particular section to those that are "Narrower". This helps get you in the ballpark much more quickly! Once you find a seat that will fit, in most cases we can provide you with a bracket that will allow that seat to be a direct- fit into your specific year, make and model.

What is wrong with installing a fixed-back seat in my standard-cab pickup?
Fixed-back seats tend to have a good amount of "layback" angle. In a standard-cab pickup this puts the headrest up against the back window and generally pushes the bottom of the seat too close to the steering wheel, particularly for taller drivers or when mounted in mini- trucks. A reclining seat will be restricted to very little layback angle, but at least it will usually fit in the space provided.

Can I use sidemount-brackets with sliders?
Yes you can. However, in most situations it is impractical to use a slider without a custom bracket built for a specific year, make, an model of vehicle. So the better question is, "Can I use sidemount-only seat on a direct-fit, bottom-mount bracket? Again, the answer is yes. Sparco bottom-mount brackets have two places to mount sliders. One is narrower, and lines up with the bottom-mounts on the seat. The other is wider, so that the sidemount can bolt on the outside of the seat and then into the wider-mounted sliders. Corbeau bottom-mount brackets are pre-drilled with only one set of holes, suitable for the bottom-mount seat. They drill a second set of holes when a bottom-mount bracket is ordered with sidemount brackets. In the event that you have a Corbeau bracket that was purchased without the wider set of holes for the sidemounts, it is usally easy for a competent mechanic to identify the location for and drill the required holes. Note that if you are spread the sliders apart to accomodate a sidemount seat it is also necessary to slightly widen (bend) the handle to fit the increased space between the two sliders.

What is the difference between single and double-locking sliders?
In addition to the more traditional double-locking sliders, Corbeau offers a single-locking slider. This proves to be a more economical choice for street-driven vehicles that will never undergo heavy G-Loads that might benefit from double-locking sliders. Double-locking sliders, which use interlocking teeth on both left and right slider, are still much more appropriate for racing situations. Additionally, many users find that the double-locking release, which pulls upward, is more convenient than the single-locking release, which requires a side-to-side motion.

How do I measure the available seat space in my vehicle?
We recommend doing this with the stock seat still in the car. It is usually best to take a least three measurements: One between the console and the door panel at the front or rear of the seat base (whichever is tighter), one between the console and the door panel at the lower lumbar area, and one at the shoulder level. Instead of stretching the measuring tape across the available space, find the center of the existing seat and then measure outward in both directions. For example, you may measure from the center of the seat to the door panel and get 12 inches, but when you measure between the center of the seat and the console you get 11 inches. Instead of noting "23 inches", double the smaller of the two measurements (22 inches.) Likewise, when you measure up at the shoulder area, take the measurement from the center of the seat out to the door glass and double it. These give you some pretty solid ideas of how big a seat you can accomodate.

I see that some seats offer "Seat Shaving". What is that?
In general, aftermarket seats are going to sit higher than the stock seats that came in the vehicle. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the aftermarket seat has better padding that hasn't been compressed over many years of use. Second, the factory seat has the brackets built into the seat, and that typically allows them to sit a few inches shorter. In general, you can expect that most aftermarket seats are going to sit a good inch higher than stock On many of their seats, Corbeau offers an option calle "Seat Shaving". In doing this, Corbeau removes the bottom foam from the seat, cuts about an inch off the bottom (flat) side of the foam, and re-installs it into the seat. This puts the seat height roughly an inch lower, or about where the factory seat height was. Seat shaving is not available in any of Corbeau's Suspension or fixed-back seats.

I am 6 feet + tall, and wear a helmet to road-race my Miata. Help!
Seat shaving it not going to be enough to keep your head vertical and out of the head liner. Be sure to use our filters to identify a seat with a shorter seat base height. Then, we recommend that you use a sidemount-style seat. This allows the sliders to be mounted outside the seat so that the bottom can be placed as low to the floor pan as possible. If you are expecially challenged, it is possible that you are going to have to do away with the bottom-mount bracket entirely and have a fabricator modify the floor pan so that you can mount the seat without either slider or bottom-mount.

How long until my order ships?
We strive to be able to ship every order within 24 hours. We do this by shipping from multiple locations, including our own, the manufacturers, and sometimes even from third-party distributors. At times this may mean that your order is shipping in part from multiple locations. Any time it is not possible for us to ship within 24 hours, we make every effort to notify the customer of an expected delay, If you are not notified of a delay, you can expect your order to arrive in no more than the sixth business day after the order was placed. We always provide tracking as soon as we receive it. Because of time zone differences, that tracking number may not arrive until the day after the order ships. Always be sure to check your spam folder if you don't receive a tracking number or other notification within one business days, as tracking numbers tend to be misrouted that way.