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Corbeau Sportline Evolution X

Corbeau Evolution X Racing Seat Black Vinyl / Carbon Fiber Vinyl / Red Stitching 64901F

Corbeau Evolution X Racing Seat Black Vinyl / Carbon Fiber Vinyl / Red Stitching 64901F

Corbeau Evolution X Racing Seat Black Vinyl / Carbon Fiber Vinyl / Black Stitching 64901FB

Step 2: Customize your Evolution X with these options
Inflatable Lumbar Installed (+$78)
Seat Heater Installed (cannot be combined with Lumbar) (+$148)

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New from Corbeau is their Sportline Evolution X fixed back racing seat. The Evolution X is basically a fixed-back version of the Corbeau Sportline Evolution, which is the reclining version of this seat. The Evolution X is styled specifically for C5 and C6 Corvette owners, who are challenged to find a seat that fits the particularly narrow cockpit of this car. Because the reclining Sportline Evolution will not fit in the late model Corvettes (it is too wide at the reclining mechanism) the Evolution X was restyled as a fixed-back seat. The Evolution X is just as incredibly comfortable and amazing-looking in Corvettes (or any other vehicle) but suits the reduced cockpit size.

The Evolution X was designed to hold you in place giving you lateral support, while at the same time having the ease to move around, get in or out of your vehicle. It is ideal for the street, the track, or offroad. Where ever that road takes you.

The Sportline Evolution X has top of the line injection molded foam, strategically placed bolsters, great lumbar support to support you in just the right places, and harness belt capability. It is available in black vinyl with a carbon fiber vinyl contrast, silver harness slots with red offset stitching. The Evolution X has a seat base height of only 2.5 inches. This is great for minimal headroom applications or for drivers wearing helmets. The Evolution X will fit up to a 38-inch waist.

Note!  When this seat is ordered with C5 or C6 Corvette brackets, a slight modification is made to the bracket that more appropriate places this seat in the Corvette (about ? inch closer to the console.) This is completely transparent to the consumer and the only reason we mention it is because in the event you order these seats and put them on Corbeau Corvette brackets ordered separately this modification will not be made and they will not seem to fit correctly. They will, but at that point the customer will simply need to redrill the bracket to account for this slightly different offset. Call if you find yourself in this situation and require assistance. Remember, if the consumer modifies their bracket in any way it can no longer be returned for any sort of refund, so please let us assist.

Corvette owners who seek a reclining seat may want to consider the Corbeau A4.

Corbeau Sportline Evolution X Dimensions