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OMP Rallye (Discontinued)

OMP Rallye (Discontinued)


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Ok, while we admit that being able to call a seat ?FIA Homologated? is pretty cool (even though it might get you some strange looks), not all racing seats are required to be, in fact, approved by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile. In fact, only a very small minority of cars within the Sports Car Club of America, or most other race sanctioning bodies, require this rather expensive stamp of approval.

OMP understands this. And the effort to provide the world with an affordable racing seat that featured the quality of OMP has resulted in this: The OMP Rallye. Like many of its FIA-approved bretheren, the Rallye is built on a solid tubular steel frame and features a leg cushion that can be removed for cleaning or replacement. And while it has side mounting points for those purists who don?t feel they have adequately connected their seat to the car unless they have fixed it permanently in place via side-mount brackets, it also has the uber-convenient bottom-mount brackets. This, along with the impressive selection of custom-fit bottom-mount brackets available right here on Racing-Seats-USA, will allow you to bolt the Rallye into virtually any year/make/model vehicle right in the original seat mounting points with the convenience of double-locking slider technology. Now, it just doesn?t get much better than that!

OMP covers their Rallye seat in their A-Tex EVO fabric. This durable, thick material ensures your comfort regardless of the outside temperature. Seat belt openings behind the head and on the sides allow the use of a 4-point harness, and radically-high side bolsters in the thigh and lumbar region will lock you in place during high-g maneuvers.

Order your OMP Rallye seat now. A great option for both street and track.

OMP Rallye Tuning Seat Dimensions

Detailed Specifications

Seat Name /
Part Number:
Rallye HA728E
Construction: Tubular Steel
FIA Homologation # None
HANS-Ready? Yes
Bottom-Mount? Yes
Side-Mount? Yes
A (External max width at shoulders) 23 Inches
B (Seat bottom to mid shoulders) 24 Inches
C (Seat bottom max external width) 19.5 Inches
D (Total height of seat back) 35.5 Inches
E (Internal width of lower back region) 14 Inches
F (External distance of base, front to back) 19+1 Inches
Weight 22 Pounds