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OMP Style (No longer offered)

OMP Style (No longer offered)


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You know that OMP makes some of the greatest racing seats in the world. Doesn?t it just make sense that they would make a great street seat as well? Well, the OMP Style reclining tuner seat is proof that OMP doesn?t just take their skills to the race course!

The Style seat (code named ?Raid 2?) uses the same tubular steel technology that is the foundation of many of OMP?s FIA-Homologated racing seats. It provides seat belt openings behind the head and between the legs, which means this seat can be used with 3-, 4-, 5, or even 6-point harnesses. It complies with European Directive 96/37/EC, which we are sure is as impressive as it sounds (but, like you, have no idea what that means.) Mounting holes for bottom-mount brackets are provided, so no side-mount bracket is required to adapt these seats to any of the thousands of vehicle-specific brackets that Racing-Seats-USA offers. One of these should allow you to bolt the OMP Style into virtually any year, make, or model vehicle built in the last 30 years.

And just because you?re buying a seat from one of the finest racing seat manufacturers in the world doesn?t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. OMP covers the Style in their exclusive ?A-tex EVO? material, a sumptuous 3mm-thick upholstery noted to be comfortable in all climates and resistant to the normal scuffs and scrapes of daily life on the street.

Before buying, be sure to visit the Dimensions tab to ensure that the OMP Style will fit in your vehicle. Or, if you are not sure, simply contact us for more information!

OMP Style Tuning Seat Dimensions

Detailed Specifications

Seat Name /
Part Number:
Style / Raid 2 HA719E
Construction: Tubular Steel
FIA Homologation # None
HANS-Ready? Yes
Bottom-Mount? Yes
Side-Mount? No
A (External max width at shoulders) 22 Inches
B (Seat bottom to mid shoulders) 25 Inches
C (Seat bottom max external width) 20 Inches
D (Total height of seat back) 38 Inches
E (Internal width of lower back region) 12 Inches
F (External distance of base, front to back) 22 Inches
Weight 22 Pounds