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Sparco Pro 2000 (I & II) (Discontinued)

Sparco Pro 2000 Racing Seat Black 008083FNR

Sparco Pro 2000 Racing Seat Black 008083FNR

Sparco Pro 2000 II Racing Seat Black 008273FNR +$25

Step 2: Add Bottom-Mount Spacer Kit
No Thanks--Not Using Bottom Mounts
Yes, Include Those (+$20) PN 50003
Step 3: Select Sidemount Bracket
No Thanks--Not Using Side Mounts
Sparco Steel Sidemount Bracket 004902 (+$75)
Sparco Aluminum Sidemount Bracket 600W (+$140)
Sparco Aluminum Sidemount HD Bracket 004903W (+$150)
Step 4: Add Sidemount Hardware Kit?
No, thanks
Yes--Mounts seat to sidemount to slider to base (+$10)

for 1, including selected options

Sparco Pro 2000

The Sparco Pro 2000 is one of our most popular fixed-back seats. It is comfortable yet cuts no corners on safety or performance. Ergonomic styling ensures a perfect fit for the racer and the use of slip- and fire-resistant materials in strategic locations ensure that fit doesn?t change during the race. Not one but a pair of lumbar support cushions allow the driver to tailor the fit to his or her liking.

A lightweight composite fiberglass outer and FIA approval combine to ensure that this seat is on the short list for today?s savvy driver.

Sparco Pro 2000 II

Love the Sparco Pro 2000 but need just a little bit more room? Then opt for the Pro 2000 II. This seat has all of the same features as the Pro 2000 but in shell that is a full inch wider in the lower portion that it?s more svelte brother. Check out the attached dimensions for more details.

Feature of both Pro 2000 and Pro 2000 II

  • •1" wider in lower seat area compared with Pro 2000
  • •Adjustable lumbar support pads
  • •Popular seat design provides excellent ergonomics
  • •Special non-slip fabric
  • •FIA approved
  • •Formerly available in colors, now exclusively available in black

The Sparco Pro 2000 seat requires spacers when being used with most bottom-mount brackets. No spacer is required when using the sidemount fixtures.

Optional side mount hardware kit (50002) provides fasteners to mount the seat to the sidemount bracket, the sidemount bracket to a slider, the slider to a custom base bracket and inlcudes the following:

  • 4 - 8x1.25 25mm Bolts
  • 8 - 8x1.25 16mm Bolts
  • 8 - 8x1.25 Locking Nuts
  • 8 - Washers

Detailed Specifications for Pro 2000 I & II

  Pro 2000 I Pro 2000 II
Construction: Fiberglass Fiberglass
FIA Homologated? Yes (CS.918.98) Yes (CS.918.98)
Driver Size: M L
HANS-Ready? No No
Bottom-Mount? Yes Yes
Side-Mount? Yes Yes
A* 18.7 18.9
X* 12.3 13.2
B* 23.3 23.3
C* 22.8 22.8
D* 19.3 19.3
Z* 13.0 14.2
E* 21.1 19.7
F* 35.5 35.5
G* 4.6 4.8
Weight (lbs) 20.1 19.7

*Dimensions in Inches--Use with line drawing above.

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