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Sparco S-Light (Discontinued)

Sparco S-Light (Discontinued)

Step 1: Select Sidemount Bracket
No Thanks--Not Using Side Mounts
Sparco Steel Sidemount Bracket 004902 (+$75)
Sparco Aluminum Sidemount Bracket 600W (+$140)
Sparco Aluminum Sidemount HD Bracket 004903W (+$150)
Step 2: Add Sidemount Hardware Kit?
No, thanks
Yes--Mounts seat to sidemount to slider to base (+$10)

for 1, including selected options

Yes, I know what you're saying. "Hot Tamale Madre, that's one expensive seat!" Or, at least that's what we'd be saying if we were on the buying end of this proposition instead of the selling end.

But, being the professional purveyors of automotive performance seating products we are, we'll instead point out that a discriminating race car driver such as you surely understands the intricasies that set a great racing seat such as the Sparco S-Light apart from merely good ones available. This seat incorporates many other special features such as a fire retardant cover with anti-slip fabric in the shoulder and seat areas, split adjustable thigh cushions and special shock absorbing material in the head and side areas.

The S-Light Circuit (rightmost seat in image) incorporates that make it one of the world's most advanced racing seats with the integrated impact-absorbing head restraint system. This same head restraint is also found on the far less expensive Sparco Circuit. (Sorry, wasn't supposed to mention that.) These seats are FIA Homologated, which means they are approved for use in the world's most sophisticated race cars. (If you thought that FIA Homologation was a rare tropical disease then that part above about "discriminating race car driver" did not apply to you.)

Each of us have our responsibilities in this world. Sparco has a responsibility to build and market such an expensive seat. We have a responsibility to sell it. And you, should you have the ability to appreciate such a fine seat (not to mention the wherewithall to afford it) have a responsbility to buy it.

Optional side mount hardware kit (50002) provides fasteners to mount the seat to the sidemount bracket, the sidemount bracket to a slider, the slider to a custom base bracket and inlcudes the following:

  • 4 - 8x1.25 25mm Bolts
  • 8 - 8x1.25 16mm Bolts
  • 8 - 8x1.25 Locking Nuts
  • 8 - Washers

Detailed Specifications - Sparco CIRCUIT S-Light

Construction: Carbon Fiber
FIA Homologated? Yes (CS.094.04)
Driver Size: M
HANS-Ready? Yes
Bottom-Mount? No
Side-Mount? Yes
A* 17.3
X* 10.2
B* 22.8
C* 23.2
D* 20.1
Z* 12.2
E* 19.7
F* 35.4
G* 4.7
Weight (lbs) 11.9

*Dimensions in Inches--Use with line drawing above.